Video Evaluations,
Performed by NFL Players
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Video evaluations are for athletes of any age, from pee wee to high school players. Our professionals are available to help amateur athletes improve their game, kick-start their recruiting process and achieve their goals. HOW IT WORKS: You choose a Pro athlete of the same position you want to be evaluated at. Quarterbacks evaluate quarterbacks, and linebackers evaluate linebackers, and so on. The athlete receives a detailed breakdown of their game, listing their strengths, and weaknesses. They also receive instruction on how to improve and develop the skills critical to their respective position. Our goal with each evaluation is to offer highly effective and accurate coaching points and insight that only those who have played at the highest level of athletics can offer. With each evaluation we aim to instil technique, as well as motivation and confidence into all our athletes, because sometimes all an athlete needs is a little encouragement from the right person. RATING: The rating system is simple yet effective. After interviewing many college coaches and pros we have narrowed down the most important skills and attributes to each specific position, and a star value is assigned to each skill set. All the skill sets are then averaged out and that becomes the athletes overall rating. Top rated athletes profiles, along with their evaluation will be sent to NCAA Division 1 colleges, helping to kick-start their recruiting process.
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